MMACION Review 2022: The MMA Crypto Community Is On The Rise.

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Mustafa Mulla

Mustafa has been writing about Blockchain and crypto since many years. He has previous trading experience and has been working in the Fintech industry since 2017.

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Apr 4, 2022


Crypto and digital currencies have created a paradigm shift in our traditional concept of “Money.” FOMO exists! Thanks to the “Money-madness,” 2021 showed record growth in the cryptocurrency market that briefly surpassed 3 trillion dollars.

Furthermore, Crypto analysts state that the growth is expected to hit triple by 2030. That’s why Investors are reckoning for the best cryptocurrencies with the potential to earn top dollars and drive profit to their wallets.

The “Sports World” had made a heroic entry into crypto space. Blockchain businesses, crypto exchanges, and NFTs are investing in sports sponsorships to outreach the global market, benefit from fan engagement, and, more importantly, acquire new holders.

That said, the mixed martial arts crypto community has become the fastest-growing moment that has taken the world by storm.

That’s exactly where this MMACOIN review comes in. So, if you are a crypto fanatic with immense love for MMA, you are in here for a treat. 

What is MMACOIN, and what makes it unique?

MMACOIN is the first MMA-Exclusive Cryptocurrency launched in June 2021. MMA crypto is a deflationary cryptocurrency deployed on BSC with the token symbol $MMA.

Furthermore, it’s essentially a charity-focused cryptocurrency created for MMA fans, fighters, and investors worldwide.

MMACOIN is a brave effort to bring digitization to the fastest-growing MMA community. But the main reason for its $MMA popularity is the creative fighter NFTs and extensive children’s charity work.

Furthermore, MMACOIN takes pride in leading the industry with its best-in-class tokenomics, top-level sponsorships, and professional core management team support.

MMA Crypto- Who is it Fit For?

$MMA project is not just a game-changer for the mixed martial arts crypto community but also an innovative approach to promote the sport.

In fact, $MMA has become the hottest buzz in the industry right after its launch. The powerful mission and robust marketing plan provide value to the investors. Below are some important details of the MMA crypto:

  • First off, $MMA has become a hub for the mixed martial arts crypto community that helps them better interact and prosper. MMACOIN provides the opportunity for fighters to earn via their own NFT collections. In addition, the holders can enjoy recurring rewards and generate a passive income by investing in $MMA.
  • Secondly, MMACOIN uses its resources to encourage and financially assist Children in Combat Sports. Besides, a percentage of every non-merchant transaction goes into charitable funds for children, giving the investors eternal satisfaction.
  • In addition, the periodic airdrop of $MMARewards is the biggest plus point for investing with $MMA. The holders can redeem their rewards to buy merchandise like T-shirts, Hoodies, etc., from MMA Tee Store.
  • Finally, $MMA supports payments of tickets for combat sports and buying related stuff from the selective merchants. That said, it’s an all-time available currency form that can help you soar in recession. 

MMACOIN Fighters, Partners, and More Details!

MMACOIN Fighters: $MMA has partnered with the biggest names in the industry as partners, like Raging Panda, The Lion Killer, The Hammer, and so many of the authoritative names in MMA.

Excited to know more about their collaborations, click here to learn more!

Corporate Partners: $MMA currently has 3 corporate partners but is planning to expand the circle in the near future. The Current partners are MMA TEE Company, Royal DOGECoin, and Fight Predictor.

Official Mascot: The official mascot for MMACOIN is the super cool, deadly, yet everyone’s favorite, Hugo Honey Badger. In addition, the mascot is fearless, aggressive, mindful, and caring at the same time, which makes it so popular.

$MMA NFTs – 4 Premium Packages for MMA Fans!

The MMACOIN LLC takes pride in offering brilliant and creative NFTs to MMA enthusiasts. But the best thing is the investors can choose the package that best fits their budget.

For instance, the MMA NFT ultra package is for die-hard fans, including signed gloves, autographs, exclusive 3D animations, and other cool stuff from their favorite fighters.

Check out the Premium $MMA NFT packages here!

Is it Safe to Invest in MMACOIN?

Talking about the security of MMACOIN, it offers “Whale and Bot Control,” which is another plus point. Everyone in the Crypto space knows how whales can tarnish a good project.

Therefore, any investor reaching 0.25% of the total Tokens will be considered a whale in $MMA. So, the whale will only be able to sell 20% of its shares per transaction.

In addition, there are some other policies and codes to help control whale formation. Hence, an investor can only purchase 4-$BNB worth of $MMA in 24 hours.

Moreover, $MMA is a next-level token with built-in security, transparency, and development opportunities. The biggest reason to invest in MMACOIN is the sense of security and confidence it conveys to the investor. 

Where to Buy MMACOIN?

You can buy $MMA Crypto on Pancake Swap, Altbase mobile app, RBXchange,, and

Click Here to Buy $MMA!

Closing Thoughts

And that’s it! Now, you have all the exclusive information about MMACOIN. $MMA is a gold mine of super cool features that promise the coin’s success and develop trust in the investment.

So, if you have an MMA craze, want to interact more with the community, and are looking for a safe investment option, MMACOIN is surely for you. 

Want to get more information about the Token and Distribution details? Not a problem. Join the MMA Official Telegram Group for the latest announcements, sponsored fights, collaborations, giveaways, and more!

Click here to Join the Official Announcement Group!

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Mustafa Mulla

Mustafa has been writing about Blockchain and crypto since many years. He has previous trading experience and has been working in the Fintech industry since 2017.

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