Microsoft Azure Embraces Blockchain Technology Connecting Main Products

Microsoft Azure is first to initiate blockchain technology to the cloud. The company is now connecting this technology to their main product and everything else.

The cloud computing service, Microsoft Azure is pushing the wave of the Blockchain technology to the cloud. Moreover, currently, the same technology is enhancing other products incorporating the company arsenal technology.

Steady, however, for sure; Microsoft is aiming to build a slew of networks within its blockchain providers and several platforms. The platform projects include Office 365 Outlook, SharePoint Online, Sales force, SAP, Dynamics 365 Online.

The General Manager at Microsoft Azure, Matt Kerner also states that one such project is Twitter. The customers will likely be able to transact their data using the aforementioned products. Users can easily transport data to these platforms directly from there blockchain.

Adding to the eventually touting blockchain efficiencies, the rarely known advantage of distributed ledger technology (DLT) relating the cloud environment is Azure. According to Microsoft, it amasses information from several firms in a standardly format at scale. The company reckons that the potential mining of data for every kind of insights will become limitless.

The blockchain ability helps you impose a distributed ledger technology (DLT) and gather a massive amount of data from ultimate sources. It eases sorting and scaling to process data, acting as key Blockchain proponents. However, this is one of the reason firms like Microsoft reap benefits.

The two cloud applications- Microsoft Azure and Logic Apps integrates into the Azure Blockchain workbench. The service was recently announced in May 2018 for Blockchain applications at Microsoft.

Matt Kerner comments in the context about the Big Data evolution that,

Blockchain empowers the next step- enabling a single, authentic data set shared across counter parties. This is also improving the way transactions happen.

Titling the strong valuable resource in the space shaping the world from oil to data, driving prove to analyze the system interpreting data at the best to further intensify. A plethora of companies is that are emerging with key objective for better organizing, interpreting and formatting data.

Also, Matt Kerner says that using the enterprise blockchain, structural and format data is already exists. He also adds,

What blockchain is doing is creating a multi-party business process that is moving out of email, phone calls, spreadsheets and into a single system with a single view on the data that all of the participants can rely upon and trust.

Additionally, Matt Kerner says that driving massive number of unstructured and abandons data within a part where it anyone can leverage and share would make an exponential change. He further says,

Even the fiercest of competitors can onboard and mutually derive benefit from that system and find new revenue streams.

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