Michael Owen to Release His Cryptocurrency Called OWN


Micheal Owen, Former England ace is releasing his cryptocurrency for kids to pay their footie training sessions. Owen is rolling out his personal Bitcoin-style currency named “OWN” to aid kids to pay £7.50 for the same. 


On Thursday, the ex-Liverpool striker has revealed the currency at a Blockchain summit held in Dubai. He also faced several criticisms for apparently cashing on the growing Bitcoin craze. The tokens facilitate fans to purchase merchandise and interact with him during training videos and live streaming sessions.

Michael Owen’s opinion on digital currency

When inquired about risk involved cryptocurrencies, he says “Cryptocurrency can be quite a dangerous area to go in”. He says that legally user must cross all merits and demerits of cryptocurrencies to bloom. I would say that they’re going to be the future, I’m pretty certain about that.

He adds “Along with blockchain, they’ve obviously caught most people’s attention, and are the new buzzwords of the day.”

“If you think back 20 years ago, it was the internet, and now everyone’s predicting that this is going to be a life-changer, and I’d go along with that.”

“The technology’s there. The fact is that governments are now embracing it. I’d guess that there will be a lot more people who join the party.”

Owen played for Real Madrid and Manchester United before hanging up his boots five years ago. He cites that his success on the tilt providing him to feature a cryptocurrency. The blockchain technology is a database system which records transactions. The transactions involved are currency transactions between parties on a global computer network without any central system.

Merits of cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has hailed success as people can easily transfer money, cryptocurrency all the world without involving any hefty bank fees. The technology has met with ambiguity by several governments and banks. It is concern over the security and volatility of markets and collaborates with criminals laundering money.

Recently, cryptocurrency saw a sudden rise with bitcoin alluring almost $20,000 per unit before decreasing to $9,000. He manages a series of soccer schools across Asia and desires to watch kids paying in cryptocurrencies for their class.

Later Owen says “I’ve got a few businesses around the world, a lot of which are in Asia, and in terms of cryptocurrencies and those businesses, it felt like a marriage in the sense that you could use these tokens to be involved with me.”

Owen’s further plans

Owen is associating with Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange service named GCOX. Basically, there are many other sportsmen who started their own cryptocurrency. For example, recently, Filipino Boxer Manny Pacquiao released his own cryptocurrency in the Philippines.

Well, it’s quite interesting to see many sports enthusiast showing their interest in cryptocurrency. Let’s hope to see many more people getting involved in digital currencies. This might turn out to an inspiration to some other to begin investing or to launch their cryptocurrency.

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