John McAfee Announced Bug Bounty Program

John McAfee, the bitcoin bull launched a Decentralized Exchange, McAfeeDEX on October 7th, 2019. However, within one hour the exchange encountered a ‘humourous DDOS attack’ as termed by John McAfee himself. Such attacks are usually made to increase the congestion on the servers. The attacks do not allow genuine users to use the exchange efficiently. Although, John McAfee himself recognized the DDOS attempt and was successful in controlling the extent of the attack.

As expected, this attack news has created an uproar among the users. The users feel that the exchange is not yet trustworthy. To make the exchange more successful, McAfeeDEX calls out for developers globally. The exchange has launched a McAfeeDEX Bug Bounty Program

The McAfeeDEX Bug Bounty Program gives an opportunity for developers to audit McAfeeDEX code, develop new front-ends, and other functionalities. The exchange front end is open source and available on GitHub. Token bounties, i.e. simple tasks are available on GitHub for developers. However, the rewards for the program is still not disclosed clearly. In case of any bugs encountered or support needed, developers can contact the team through email support.

Alternatively, McAfeeDEX along-with SwitchDex and IDEX have started an ESH trading competition. The contest starts from Oct 10 to run till Oct 30, 2019. Active trading accounts have a chance to win the competition. The rewards range from 5 ETH, 20,500 ESH, gift cards, and a trip to enjoy a day with John McAfee on an undisclosed island. You want to hang out with John McAfee, start trading in any of the 3 exchanges.

McAfee launched McAfee DEX with a view of promoting a decentralized economy. The unique features of this decentralized exchange are 0 listing and maker fees, and low 0.25% transaction fees

John McAfee Announced Bug Bounty Program
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John McAfee Announced Bug Bounty Program
McAfeeDEX, decentralized exchange of John McAfee, has announced Bug Bounty Program. John McAfee did this to secure the exchange after the DDOS attack.
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