John McAfee Announces a Magical Competition For Crypto Traders

John McAfee, an eccentric crypto fan announced a unique competition for crypto traders and enthusiasts. The competition is named World Trade Competition and will be held in three stages – weekly competition, quarterfinals, and Word Trade Finals. The competition is organized by collaboration between World Trade Cup and McAfee Magic.

According to a recent tweet participants can earn about $100,000 worth Ethereum in prizes. 

This competition will provide an opportunity for traders to showcasing their trading skills, and the most successful ones shall win the competition. And the interesting part is that the best trader in the competition will get a chance to win McAfee, along with his team. 

Recently,  McAfee launched a cryptocurrency trading platform, named “McAfee magic”. The website is a new, revolutionary, cryptocurrency trading platform allowing users to “trade cryptocurrencies on multiple exchanges within a single dashboard, automatically and manually.”

How to participate in the competition?

1. Register & Sign Up

Initially you need to register and create an account. Once registration is done, sign up for weekly tournaments on However, all tournaments are FREE to enter and you can participate every week until you win becoming a Pro Trader.

2. Compete to Win Prizes

Participants can compete in a FREE weekly crypto trading competition hosted on the Practice Mode feature of McAfee Magic. All traders compete for 5 days and start with equal funds. Weekly winners can step forward to Quarter Finals where they can have a chance to win the Annual World Trade Cup.

3. Pro Trader Position 

Only tournament winners are awarded Pro Trading Shadow positions on McAfee Magic. Winning the World Trade Cup Tournament will show the world you are the best crypto trader!

The prize distribution is as follows:

Crypto traders, here’s your chance to show the world you are pro in trading! Enter for free and Win amazing prizes with Magical Opportunities! 

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