Crypto Trading – McAfee Magic Introduces Shadow Trading, Says John McAfee

John McAfee, an eccentric crypto fan and U.S Presidential candidate announced to introduce Shadow Trading feature on his latest cryptocurrency trading platform, McAfee Magic.

The shadow trading is meant to serve non -professional traders. The platform enables beginners to shadow trading experts, with the ease to shadow multiple professionals simultaneously. Eventually, the Shadow Portal allows users to copy trading operations executed by professional traders.

According McAfee Magic platform, the magic factor in the latest roll-out is that beginners don’t need to fund trader accounts, despite retaining control over their funds at exchanges -“Your keys, your crypto.” The funds are stored on the users’ exchanges and “only funds on the platform are used to fuel the trades.”

Basically, shadow trading enables traders to diversify their trading operations. Also, allow to manage risks better by enabling users to follow up to three professional traders at a time. Shadow portal fees are determined by the trader that the users’ are shadowing. The McAfee Magic team will be reviewing and approving all professional traders.

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Nidhi Kolhapur

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