John McAfee Confirms the Conference Appearance Cancellation

John McAfee had asked to cancel his live appearance at the crypto conference event due to a credible death threats against the cyber security pioneer.

According to his own Twitter post, McAfee was about to attend the Blockchain World Conference on July 13. Unfortunately, the event organizers asked him to appear via live stream instead of attend the conference due to concerns over his death threats and attendees safety.

Further the conference declared that,

“Due to a number of credible death threats against McAfee, The BWC team has been forced to request that @officialmcafee live stream his keynote speech at 11am EST, from a secret secure location. Mr. McAfee’s globally impacting message will not be silenced by the efforts of a few!”.

After an hour of the announcement from the event, McAfee confirmed stating that he will be “streaming from an undisclosed place”.

Credible Death Threats to McAfee???

The fact that this is not for the first time that John McAfee got the death threats. The really scenario is that lot of people hate McAfee for his advices which are not always good to consider.  However, he has been labeled as internet troll by his numerous enemies for being blockchain advocate.

Recently, he has posted a picture from his hospital bed claiming that some unknown ‘enemies’ had poisoned him as well as knocked him unconscious for several days.

In order to that, he also claimed to be to run from the US government. As such a he asked to call the SEC out and seemingly gone into hiding.

Although, for now there is no particular information about his recent death threats for MCAfee.

Blockchain World Conference

It is one among the international blockchain event which was held this week as people from different industry reunites. The Blockchain World Conference was held for 3 days i.e., July 11 to 13 at Harrah’s Casino, Resort and Spa in Atlantic City, NJ, in the United States.

Image Source: John McAfee

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