John McAfee 2020- The First US Presidential Campaign in Exile

John McAfee announces his plans to run for president in 2020. His main aim is to promote cryptocurrencies. On the US presidential day, January 22, John McAfee engaged in an interview with the Coinchat. As John is one of the presidential candidates for US, he shares his point of view on various aspects of the presidential candidature.

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According to the interview, John McAfee believes that Cryptocurrency, with the adoption of privacy coins will make the collection of income taxes impossible. This will eventually create a big problem. This is because the governments will not know where the money is flowing to and from and also who has it.

Why Is Not Collecting Taxes, A Good Thing?

As John McAfee personally is a libertarian, most of the libertarians believe taxation is a theft. Firstly, according to the American Constitution, Taxation is illegal. Also the nation survived for a hundred years until the civil war without any taxes. Many countries as well survive without income taxes.

What are Income Taxes?

It means that the government owns the fruits of your labor for up to three or four months of the year. Elaborating further he also says that it is the definition of slavery.

Furthermore, McAfee stopped filing taxes eight years ago. Also, every he writes the same letter to the IRS saying,

I am not filing a tax return, taxation is illegal. I will never file a tax return do whatever you wish

The current US president is first in the history to disclose nothing. None of them know what is up to and what he is doing legally or illegally. But, McAfee is transparent about exactly where he stands.

John McAfee has stated that a war is coming. Governments are not going to take cryptocurrency privacy coins lying down. He also claims that the war will not be pleasant. Although it’s not going to be fought with bullets but with fear and with criminal prosecutions.

South Africa is currently finding ways to disclose who’s Bitcoin accounts are who’s in South Africa.

How are they going to figure it out?

McAfee explains that the government can do it fairly easily. On January 22, the convened a grand jury to indict McAfee, his wife Janice and four of his campaign staff for tax fraud.

The grand jury system of America dates back to the Spanish inquisition. The inquisitors used the system to force the prosecution of people they didn’t like. Only Liberia and America use the grand jury system in the entire world. It is an ancient system which gives full power to the government.

The prosecutor gets the right to prosecute, but McAfee doesn’t have the right to defend himself in a grand jury. Why?

It is because the person allowed to talk to them is the prosecutor, the IRS. McAfee is not allowed to talk. In fact he cannot access the testimony. Also he cannot even know what the charges are. McAfee says their goal is,

When the grand jury indicts, immediately collect me, throw me into the prison, tell the judge i’m a flight risk, which of course i am, and i will never see the light of day, and i will never be able to talk to the American people and my campaign will be over.

Is this the way of shutting down the presidential campaign for McAfee? Is there a conspiracy?

McAfee says they cannot do that. As he had left America three days earlier to the interview. Also he says he was in an undisclosed location on a yacht owned by a luminary within the crypto field who is hosting McAfee and allowing him to asylum on his yacht.

Since McAfee cannot show up for conferences, debates or anything else in person, as he will be collected immediately, he has 4,000 volunteers who will wear a mask of McAfee’s face. These volunteers will show up once a week in parks, street corners, hotel lobbies and all across America. Although, none of them can speak as they may be fined.

These 4,000 volunteers are called the “McAfee Road Warriors”. These McAfee Road warriors will stand outdoor and have a speaker. McAfee will then be speaking live from his boat to America. He also explained in the interview that he will be sending one of his surrogates wearing his mask, along with a special device through which he can see the audience. Also the audiences can hear his response and he can hear the questions.

McAfee will be sending messages to his road warriors through a microphone. Ultimately, John McAfee says his campaign is not over. He is running the McAfee 2020 campaign in exile. This is the very first campaign in the US history which will be run by a candidate in exile. He also claims that once he is free he will definitely have an hour of interview with Coinchat.

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