Crypto Price Analysis: Maximine Coin (MXM), Kucoin Shares (KCS), NULS, Project Pai (PAI)

After seeing a sharp drop in the value of cryptocurrencies yesterday, it seems that today most of them are enjoying a green day. With this rise in price, the confidence in the coins seems quite stable with the market. Also, Bitcoin is hovering a bit higher than $4,000 with various other projects like Maximine coin (MXM), Kucoin Shares (KCS), NULS and Project Pai (PAI).

Maximine Coin (MXM)

At the time of writing, Maximine coin (MXM), was trading up 20.60% with a price of $0.069. It’s marketcap value was $114,055,440 and a circulating supply of 1,649,000,000 MXM in the past 24 hours.

During the last week, MXM has traded 61.9% against the USD. Also, during the last month, MXM added 300% in value and was successful in placing itself among the top 100 coins. Currently, it at the 56th position.

According to the company, cryptocurrency mining requires a miner to own rigs that mine specific coins only. For instance, Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) developed basically for Bitcoin cannot be applicable to mine Ethereum. But Maximine allows its users to easily switch between different tokens and mining pools allowing them to maximize their profits and returns.

Kucoin Shares (KCS)

With the announcement of Kucoin launching a platform for token sales, the price in the coin has seen a major increase of 10.93%. At the time of writing, Kucoin was trading at $1.14 with a marketcap value of $102,820,801. Over the past 24 hours, Kucoin has had a circulating supply of 89,939,916 KCS. The coin is currently available on the 61st position.

Recently, Kucoin announced the launch of Kucoin Spotlight which is a platform for Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO). Basically, IEO is a fundraising procedure, wherein the developers can create tokens for their projects and directly send them to cryptocurrency exchanges, where traders can buy them.

The representatives of the platform, announced the first campaigns to be conducted on the platform will be announced very soon. The distribution of tokens depends on the order of receipt of requests from investors. Basically, the sale depends on the exchange token, Kucoin Shares, and the actual price will be known on the day of the sale.


As of now, the total market cap is $45,544,170 which is up by 23.66% over the past 24 hours. With this increase, the coin is successful in making its way through the top 100 coins and appearing at the 96th position. NULS has a circulating supply of 64,548,274 NULS.

One NULS token can now be bought on popular cryptocurrency exchanges including QBTC, OKEx, Binance and ChaoEX. Also, over the last seven days, NULS has traded 0.9% higher against the US dollar.

Project Pai (PAI)

Project Pai (PAI) is the other coin which is enjoying a green day, as it saw an increase of 13.54% over the 24 hour period. At the time of writing the coin was trading at $0.0589 with a marketcap value of $85,461,508. Also it has a circulating supply of 1,450,661,412 PAI.

Various Cryptocoin Experts believe that Project Pai (PAI*) is looking for the $0.0575801985 goal. Also, according to 6 analysts, the price could reach $0.11165891904106. Also, the highest price was $0.053864058 and lowest price was $0.046911279 for March 21-22.

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Maximine Coin, Kucoin Shares, NULS, & Project Pai Enjoy Green Days
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Maximine Coin, Kucoin Shares, NULS, & Project Pai Enjoy Green Days
After yesterday's sharp drop in the crypto market, various coins like maximine coin (MXM), Kucoin Share (KCS), NULS and Project Pai (PAI) enjoy green day.
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