Max Keiser Claims “Bitcoin Clearly Has the Advantage over Gold”


The debate of the leading cryptocurrency -Bitcoin vs. the leading metal- Gold is from the long run.  However, recent analysis suggests the cryptocurrencies have progressed better than gold. Also, the digital asset is considered to be the most “stable and secure”.


According to the data released by crypto exchange Huobi Global, in collaboration with Data Light, most of the top digital coins, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple, have been performing much better than gold in the past few months. 

However, recent data shows that millennials, who might rule financial markets for the next few decades, are quite passive towards gold, and more interested in cryptocurrencies.

Recently, Co-founder of  Heisenberg Capital and crypto enthusiast, Max Keiser explained why Bitcoin clearly has the advantage over gold? In his recent tweets 

He claimed that : 

Bitcoin’s main advantage over gold is the factor of ‘individual sovereignty’. 

It is clear that max has been consistent in his support for the leading crypto – Bitcoin. However, this was evident in his previous tweet where he said:

Further, referring to banks max Tweeted: 

By analyzing Keiser’s twitter activities, it is clear he believes cryptocurrency as a mainstream adoption will be the central hub for a decentralized world.

Overall, it seems that Bitcoin might take much more time to be reliable like gold, but if quick profits are considered, Bitcoin would be a prudent investment decision.

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