Matic Network Testnet To Launch Ahead of Matic’s Alpha-Mainnet

Matic Network announces the launch of its final version of Matic Network Testnet to complete the final round of internal testing ahead of Matic’s alpha-Mainnet this month.

In a medium post, the team briefed that this launch will be a major milestone for the Matic team & community. Also, elaborated saying

“The latest testnet launch will allow the teams to test their migration scripts and will allow Matic team to test the latest updates in the validator node and latest smart contracts. Once everything is successfully tested, we will move towards launching the α-Mainnet.”

To insure a smooth way towards the launch of this Mainnet, the matic team has planned the road to mainnet in 3 release phases:

  • Final Testnet — (Deployed on 3rd June) Developer documentation here
  • α-Mainnet — Nicknamed तपस (Tapas) (Q2 2019)
  • Beta Mainnet v0.1 — Nicknamed आरंभ (Aarambh) (Q3 2019)

Basically, the functionalities achieved by this testnet launch are the goals for α-Mainnet (तपस). Also, the name Tapas signifies the dedication shown by the development team to achieve the milestones ahead of time.

In the post, the team also mentions about its goals for the α-Mainnet. They aim to detect and remove any bottlenecks that the developers experience while interacting with matic Network at the time of α-net go-live.

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