Matic Network and Elrond Engage in Joint Blockchain Infrastructure Research


On August 19th, Matic network announced to collaborate with ernold to create more scalable, robust, and secure blockchains for the Web 3.0 frontier.


Matic network also aims for collaborative future between different blockchains, as opposed to a zero-sum game ridden with the excessive competition. The platform is majorly interested in Random Block Producer selection approach of Elrond and both teams will work together on further research on this front. 

Both the platforms intend to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology, helping to create new economic paradigms, deter corruption amongst legacy institutions, and empower individuals with unprecedented socioeconomic and political influence. 

Moreover, to enhance the partnership Matic Network and Elrond will jointly devote resources towards research and development of some of the most pressing blockchain limitations, like scalability and efficiency.

Through this collaboration, Elrond intends to share some of its fundamental research with Matic in areas such as optimization of network security and randomness generation in secure Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm. Matic also intends to support Elrond’s ecosystem by exploring integration to further amplify its scalability capacity. 

CEO of Elrond Beniamin Mincu, 

“We are excited to partner with Matic Network, who is the leading layer 2 scalability solution. Our combined research and collaboration will strengthen both projects and open new communication channels between our communities.” 

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