Marshall Island to Adapt Its Own Sovereign National Cryptocurrency

Marshall Island have made its own cryptocurrency, it is the first sovereign cryptocurrency which is been legally authorized. Marshall Island is a sovereign state and UN Member, it has placed the documents to make cryptocurrency a national legal tender and its own digital currency.

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Bill passed by Marshall Island

The document came into the effect on 1st March and the news is blooming for this week. The total population of Marshall Islands is 53,0666 and the change has not been affected. It is symbolic for citizens of islands as banks and credit card companies have began accepting cryptocurrencies.

The news host of a channel, Ran Neuner elaborated that the move for the small country is eloquent. It means that financial institutions such as banks and Visa have accepted SOV. However, this has become a legal tender of a sovereign nation.

In the month of February, top officials from Marshall Islands have confirmed that the Pacific republic to issue its own cryptocurrency and dispersed  as a legal tender. However, the cryptocoin received endorsement from country’s parliament. David Paul, Minister in assistance to the president of Marshall Island says that As a country, people must reserve the right to issue a in the form of digital or fiat currency.

ICO launched by Marshall Island

Marshall Island will launched currency through an Initial Coin Offering. It is supplied and capped at 24 million tokens and been a provision against expansion. Paul says that a token presale for investors will be launched soon and there’s been no further discussion on the same. Marshall Island is republic since 1982 and using USD as their legal tender. It has also started to utilize the new SOV cryptocurrency which is approved into a law.

The Marshall Island is a United nations Member and a sovereign state. It is creating a larger impact for the banks globally. Recently, Venezuela have also launched its own oil-backed cryptocurrency known as Petro. Therefore, the country is under a US Sanctions and President Donald Trump. However, it has issued an executive order for banning anyone in the US or US territories from investing in Petro.

Bestowing to few reports, Israeli designed a new cryptocurrency called Neema. This project was the plan of CEO Barak Ben-Ezer, he sought the nations without their own national currency for crypto adoption.

Well It is amazing to know that Marshall Island is planning to make Cryptocurrency as a sovereign currency, let wish them all the best for their initiative ideas. Share your thoughts through Twitter and Telegram.

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