Market Moves Bearish With QNT At 13%, SWIPE 8%, FXC 7% Loss

Amid an impressively looking market capitalization, however, the crypto market is giving unequal shares of market ruins to few cryptocurrencies. Leading the pack of losers today, we see QUANT, Swipe, and FXC altogether accruing losses big enough to be noticed.

Although these coins, particularly Swipe and FXC have recorded gains in past days, they are currently undergoing some price corrections. This may take a while before lines fall back in pleasant places.

#1. Quant (QNT 12.97% Loss): 

First on the list for today is QNT. Alleging a spot among the top losers, the coin is down almost 13%.

The favorable coin has a particular market direction as the majority (89%) of market analysis indicates a bullish future.

QNT is down by 7.1% within the last year and also by 13% since last month. Similarly, the coin is down by 7% in the last two weeks, the coin made small loss of 3.4% within last week. Altogether bearish for QNT, the coin lost 13% since yesterday.

Technical Indicators

  • RSI is returning from the 70.0 overbought condition
  • Next major support level at $7.25
  • Next major resistant level lies at $8.25

Currently, QNT is trading at $7.6. It’s market cap is valued at $91 million while the average 24-hour exchange volumes tether at $1 million.

#2. SWIPE ( SXP 7.6% Loss):

 This is the second crypto on our list today. The cryptocurrency has lost about 8% within the last 24 hours.

Normally speaking, the market emotion for SWIPE is extremely bullish as about 97% of market observers whistle more gains according to stats on coingecko.

SWIPE has an all-year-long gain. In the last year, it gained around 300% and 230% within the last month. Up by 14% in seven days and lost 1.5% within the last hour.

Technical Indicators

  • The Resistance Strength Index is penetrating the overbought condition 80.0. This may continue an uptrend in the short term. 
  • Next level of major support lies at $1.78
  • Major resistance levels exist at $1.95, $2.0, $2.5

SXP is currently trading at $1.85 with a market capitalization of $123 million. In the last 24 hours, over $143 million was exchanged in volumes.

#3. Flexacoin (FXC 6.70% Loss): 

FXC ranks third on this list with a 24-hour percentage loss roughly 7%. Several traders think that this is the outset of a price rally for FXC as 85% of respondents are bullish on Flexacoin.

The coin gained around 15% since last year and increased by 44% within the last two weeks. However, the coin records 54% gain within the last month as well as 4% within the last hour.

Technical Indicators

  • Price saw wild intraday swing to settle at $0.004
  • The RSI levels at 50.0 without any decisiveness for further momentum
  • The next level of major resistance lies at $0.05

FXC is changing hands at $0.004 amid 24-hour trading volume that averages $911,000.

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