Billionaire Entrepreneur Mark Cuban Finally Owns $130 Bitcoins

Mark Cuban, billionaire investor and owner of NBA’S Dallas Mavericks recently appeared on Anthony Pompliano’s The Pomp Podcast. Cuban previously claimed that he does not own any bitcoin and believes bananas are a better means of exchange than Bitcoin. However, it is a different story now.

NBA’s Dallas Mavericks announced their partnership with Bitpay the last august, allowing bitcoin to be used as transactions for tickets and merchandise. Cuban also put out a figure of his bitcoin holdings, revealing that only 130 dollars’ worth of Bitcoin was obtained from the sales from Mavericks-related items to fans. Despite the fact that he owns some bitcoin holdings, he still thinks investing in cryptocurrencies is as bad as investing in gold.

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Cryptocurrency critic Peter Schiff is not impressed with Bitcoiners, who he thinks are “touting” Mark Cuban’s tiny Bitcoin stash. In fact, he tweeted that he believes the tiny stash evidences the opposite.

What Cuban personally thinks about Bitcoin?

American Entrepreneur Cuban has previously claimed point-blank that Bitcoin is not “friction-free” implying it should be easy-to-use until a point where even the Grandma’s could use it. Cuban thinks that we are still dependent on fiat no matter what. He added, “Right now, you still have to convert it for anything you want.”

He has been very expressive and outspoken about his views regarding cryptocurrency from the starting as well as the barriers faced during transacting with it. He is literally against the fact that it is an alternative to Gold. In fact, he believes that Gold is more of a “no-brainer” and is easily understandable. Cuban expressed the above facts to Pompaliano while he was asked certain questions about what alters his mind about Bitcoin.

He feels that everyone is still arguing about it and considering so many debates and opinions about Bitcoin proves the point itself.

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