Mark Cuban is Backing with interest in other digital currency

Mark Cuban- the Entrepreneur is now concerning the other digital currency. With the drop out of Bitcoin value, which was once a Bubble helped by Mark Cuban. And is now focusing on another cryptocurrency – UnikoinGold.

According to Coindesk, Mark Cuban is about to participate in first ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Unikrn- his Own Portfolio company could raise fund via sale of Cryptocurrency tokens. It further announces that the circulation of an update for its investor which speaks about ICO’s enrichment towards Venture capital that has already been raised.

This year, there have been more than 30 ICOs- Initial Coin Offering which has grown with the popularity of blockchain startups. ICO is crowdfunding method, now most companies are selling their own cryptocoins and following up to raise funds. Accordingly, fundraising by Unikrn has already reached to some $10 million from investors (encompassing Ashton Kutcher).


Unikrn is a sports betting blockchain platform and anyone can place with its digital token. Furthermore, the company allows a visitor to register for pre-sale (proposed in Mid-July). According to sources, there will be 1 billion UnikoinGold tokens release.

Moreover, Unikrn is yet to decide UnikoinGold price – nevertheless, Ether will use to exchange digital currency – the token under Ethereum currency.

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