Loom’s Mainnet Is Now Integrated With TRON!!


The Loom Plasmachain is now interoperable with TRON. This means that TRX holders can now use their tokens to buy limited-edition TRON-themed Relentless cards. For doing this promotion, the users also have a great chance to win up to 400,000 TRX hidden in card packs.


Relentless is a strategic, adrenaline-pumping, loot-filled, trading card game which runs completely on the blockchain. Relentless, was formerly known as Zombie Battleground.

Loom Network also made an official announcement about the integration saying,

Today we’re proud to announce that the TRON integration is officially live — making this the second chain we’ve integrated into PlasmaChain after Ethereum.

Blockchain Interoperability has tons of benefits! One good example could of the game developers willing to spread their game as far and wide as possible. For such game developers, the Loom SDK allows to build and deploy large-scale dapps and games easily. Hence having interoperable blockchain compatibility is a natural next step.

Till now, PlasmaChain has only been integrated with Ethereum. This means Relentless cards could be only purchased with ETH, BNB, or a credit card.

To celebrate this integration, the Loom network is also offering a special TRX giveaway. This giveaway means,

  • The users can use their existing TRX tokens to purchase card packs.
  • Cards purchased with TRX will have a special, collectors-edition TRON card back.
  • With all of this the users will automatically be eligible to win FREE TRX tokens in every pack with a max prize of 10,000 TRX.

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