Loom Network and Civic Price Rally Nearly 50%, Another XLM Bull Runs on the Toes?


In the previous days, the crypto space was exploded with a majority of assets rallied to the highest ever possible levels in the history. The most notable rally in the past working day is that of Stellar(XLM) which rallied more than 114% within a very short span of time.


A new asset is surging with soaring numbers every new day and in the current times, Loom Network and Civic price is rallying like a giant. While the LOOM price has surged nearly 51%, the CVC price has jumped more than 57%. However, the bull run is expected to rally further and probably attain more than 100% very soon.

CIVIC and LOOM chart

The LOOM price initiated the bull run at $0.0389 and within no time the price surged nearly 40% to touch $0.05205 at the press time. However, the price also experienced a slight correction by dumping nearly 10 % of the profit done by pumping 48%. However, the price needs to surge magnificently and gain more 90% to touch the current ATH at $0.7745.

Coming to the CVC price, the price got major support and kicked off the resistance levels at $0.096. Further surging nearly 61.50%, the asset rallied to touch $0.1535 at the press time. No doubt some minor dumps were also a part of the bull rally. However, the all-time high of CVC is at $1.66 which is still 90% more than the current price.

The price jump is natural or manipulated!!

In recent times, the crypto space was filled with the rounds of manipulation of various assets by pumping it to the highest levels and crashing to the lowest levels. Rumours of XRP, XLM, etc were speculated to have undergone a similar phase of pump and dump!

The manipulation was anticipated to have been carried out by a specific group of people who collectively pump the assets price. Therefore, the current LOOM and CVC price rally has speculated whether the price surge is natural or manipulated by the same group!

However, the manipulation also dumps the asset to its original levels and in the current scenario, the assets have not yet experienced such a drastic crash. Therefore, the surge may be natural but the possibilities of manipulation cannot be ruled out.

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