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Litecoin and Chainlink May Flip Cardano Soon, Will XRP Be Under Threat?


    Chainlink forming a new ATH every new day flipped Litecoin to attaint the 7th position on the cryptocurrency rankings.

    The bullish trend of LINK and LTC is may even flip the ADA position if it fails to rebound

Chainlink price continues its streak of forming new ATH every new day. In the previous working day, LINK price formed a new high at $25.65 and woefully got rejected multiple times. Indeed, the price is self-poised to surpass the current ATH and form a new one at the earliest.


Litecoin price, on the other hand, is trending in a very narrow range for a couple of days. Despite a breakout, the price yet again entered the channel and on the verge of another breakout. However, according to some predictions. The LTC price may revisit the lower levels below $135 again for a final take-off towards the ATH.

The market capitalization of Chainlink and Litecoin are very close with a difference of less than $500 million. Therefore, the race for supremacy is yet not over as the other assets like Cardano and XRP’s position may also be under threat.


As the LINK price is expected to hit the highs shortly. Many even speculate LINK may even surpass all the other assets to secure the third position very soon. As per come reports Grayscale may announce a LINK trust very soon and following the announcement, LINK price may hit $100. 

Also LTC price is expected to hit highs initially around $150 and later at the ATH above $166. However, Cardano price is experiencing a downturn since a couple of days, due to which the market capitalization has come close to that of LINK and LTC.

Currently, the major threat is for the XRP’s position as Polkadot has already flipped XRP and now, two or three more assets may flip too. As XRP price is not experiencing any major boost in recent times, the other assets may flip very soon. 

The race to enter the top 5 cryptocurrency lists would be more interesting in the coming days, as Chainlink price and Litecoin price is expected to surge high. On the contrary, a sudden boost to the XRP price may even change the whole plot. Hence, the coming couple of days would be very important for all the assets.

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