Price Analysis: LINK, XTZ, And VET Bearish Trend

In the meanwhile, it would appear that altcoins are retreating from the market dominance struggle. The most controversial of them all including LINK and Tezos are now seen to regurgitate gains accrued within the last month.

Although the magnitude of such price plunge is not feasible to exactly estimate, it seems this will remain for a while as Bitcoin directs market sentiments in the short term.

Below is the list of the crypto markets top performers of the last 24 hours. Some more than others, all featured cryptocurrencies sure left investors with loads of surprises and expectations.

#1.ChainLink (LINK 7.58% Loss):

First on the list today, we have Chainlink. The top crypto which has already lost more than 8% with the last two weeks is recording some more losses.

Many traders are bullish on LINK and prices may behave slightly bullish in the short term.

The Coin is up by over 180% in the last year and around 43% within the last month. Although it lost 8% last week, LINK is bearish with 4% loss in the one-hour timeframe.

LINK is trading at $6.74 and its market cap is revolving around $2.5 billion.

#2. Tezos (XTZ 6.38% Loss):

coming second on the list for today is XTZ. Claiming a spot among the top loser, the coin is down almost 7%.

The promising coin has a specific market direction as the majority (89%) of market analysis predicts a bullish future.

XTZ is up 186% within the last year and up 10% since last month. Also down by 2.6% in the last two weeks, the coin made a decent loss of 8% within the last week. Altogether bearish for XTZ the coin lost 6.3% since yesterday.

Currently, XTZ  is trading at $2.71. It’s market cap is valued at $1 billion while the average 24-hour exchange volumes tether at $288 million.

#3. VeChain (VET 7.15% Loss):

VeChain is the last on the list today. Although the cryptocurrency couldn’t escape a 13% loss last week, it’s also a better performer than many popular altcoins today. Today, nonetheless, VET is down 8%.

Many traders believe VET will rise to touch its 24-hour apex price at $0.0182 before the end of day. Market sentiment remains bullish with 88% of traders opening long positions. 

Although VET is down by 13% within the last seven days, the top crypto has had a lucky year with almost 161% gain. Also, the coin is up by 74.2% within the last 30 days. 

VET is currently changing hands at $0.0153 with a market capitalization of $1.1 billion.

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