Lightning Torch Now Reaches Linkedin Founder & Fidelity Investments

The Lightning Network is continuously seeing positive response from big individuals and organisations. Owing to which the Lightning Torch has found a new home. Few days ago the torch passed to both the octogenarian and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Also recently, the torch passed to both Fidelity Investments and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman.

The Fidelity Investments, on receiving the Lightning Torch tweeted saying,

“We and our research team at the Fidelity Center for Applied Technology have received the #LNTorch from @Wiz. Who should we pass it to?”

Moving further, the fidelity investments passed the torch to the Harvard School Blockchain and Crypto Club.

How Does The Lightning Torch Work?

It was the mid of January when the Lightning – torch began to bring attention to the Lightning Network and ease its transaction methods. It so happens that the enthusiast Hodlonaut passes 10,000 satoshis to another user through the Lightning Network. Furthermore, the user then adds 10,000 satoshis to the balance to pass it on further.

Basically, the experiment is also named as the “LN Trust Chain”. Also the current holders need to send it to someone who can pass it on further rather than keeping it with themselves.

According to the site set up, till date the torch passed through at least 137 countries and was held 224 times while tracking the chain of transactions.

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Lightning Torch Now Reaches Linkedin Co-Founder & Fidelity Investments
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Lightning Torch Now Reaches Linkedin Co-Founder & Fidelity Investments
The Lightning Torch now passes to both the Linkedin Co-Founder, Reid Hoffman as well as the Fidelity Investments. How does the Lightning Torch Work
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