Libra blockchain startup raises $7.8 million- Series A

The firm announced today, the Series A funding in which the Blockchain startup Libra raises $7.8 million.

The economic assets got from the unnamed family office in Europe. By circular contribution the seed-stage VC firm Liberty City Ventures, Lee Linden an early stage investor and XBTO a crypto market maker formerly functioned for Facebook.

Further, the startup mentions, in 2014, the group of Liberty City returning investor after putting $500,000 in a seed stage round. Libra develops crypto and blockchain accounting and tax software. Later on, the new funds will put towards the development of its Libra Enterprise base.

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Libra’s CEO, Jake Benson says,

“Libra’s vision is to be the premier provider of next-generation accounting, audit, and tax software and data services for the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry”.

Moreover, Libra Tax accounting software was first to initiate in 2014. Familiarly, that is when noticeably IRS (Internal Revenue Service) issues guidance considers that bitcoin is a kind of taxable property.

Recently, the firm wants the enterprise level market, employing the tools in part at exchanges companies. Furthermore, Libra adds a previous chief risk officer from Siemens in May. Therefore, as a part of that firm’s impulsion.

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