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Market Bulls Take Charge: LEND 17%, BNB 7.4%, LTC 6.39%

As Bitcoin struggles to break the barrier at $9,500 conveniently, the top cryptocurrency is hovering around the sub-10k level. Although BTC seems quite slow to accrue more gains recently, the top cryptocurrency hasn’t failed to maintain a good range of prices.

So far it has left its investors with an excellent equilibrium of prices. Altcoins, on the other hand, are making considerable waves within the crypto markets as total capitalization soars.

This version of market watch sheds light on the top market gainers and losses of the past 24 hours for investors to consider before diving into investing in their desired cryptocurrencies.

#1. Aave (LEND 15.7% Gain):

LEND begins its 24-hour gain with 15.7% profit. Dominating our category of top gainers on today’s list, the coin has made profits which equals 20% within the last day.

LEND attained dazzling profits within the last year with a 6,286% profit. The cryptocurrency made income last month with 126.4% and has gained around 50% in the last one week. The cryptocurrency is up by 1.8% in the last hour.

Now trading at $0.284, it happens that the market attitude is bullish in the short term. 71% of market respondents are bullish while 29% remain bearish on LEND.

#2. Binance Coin (BNB 7.46% Gain):

BNB coin occupies the second slot while being up by 7.4% since 24 hours ago. 

Many traders are bullish on BNB as around 89% of traders are going long and positive about the future of BNB. 

In the one year graph, the coin appears to have lost around 32% but has gained 24% in the last one month. 16.3% since a week ago and 0.8% within the last hour. 

BNB is now trading at $19.91 while aiming for the $20 corner. It’s market cap is hovering around $2.9 billion. 

#3. Litecoin (LTC 6.4% Gain):

Litecoin is the 8th cryptocurrency by market cap but comes third on our list of top gainers today with around 7% gain. 

The coin is up considerably for the first time this week and seems to be moving ahead for further gains in the future. 

With about 71% market optimism, LTC is likely to break the $50 level sooner than expected. 

Currently, Litecoin price is trading against USD at $47.97 having lost about 50% since last year. It’s market cap has increased to around $3.1 billion while weekly gains hover around 15%.

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Dare Shonubi

Certified cryptocurrency expert and Blockchain journalist covering crypto market analysis and general Blockchain adoption and development.

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