Top Crypto Gainers on August 7th: LEND 18.39%, BCH 10.66%, RUNE 11.04%


    Crypto market remains bullish with LEND leading on with 18.39%

    Bitcoin Cash (BCH) joins list of top gainers with 10.66% gains

    RUNE continues 48-hour gains with 11.04%

Bitcoin keeps struggling around the $11,800 level as the top cryptocurrency aims at $12,000 again. This time, the market remains optimistic that BTC will overcome the $12,000 barrier to set a new monthly high in its next bull run. 

In the long run, however, altcoins are making waves in the incredible bull market that took the crypto world by a surprise in recent times. Major players like BCH, LEND, and RUNE take the top spot on today’s list.

#1. Aave (LEND 18.39% Gain):

LEND ended its losses of 2 days with today’s percentages. Dominating our section of top gainers on today’s list, the coin is up almost 19% within the last two days.

LEND accomplished lustrously within the last year with a 6,286% profit. The coin made revenue last month with 126.4% and has gained around 50% in the last one week. The cryptocurrency is up by 18% in the last 24 hours.

Currently trading at $0.384, it appears the market sentiment is bullish in the short term. 71% of market respondents are bullish while 29% remain bearish on LEND.

Technical Indicators

LEND/USD looks bullish with prices hovering above the top of the Bollinger Band. There’s a potential price increase above the Bollinger top where prices may head to the $0.40 level.

* Next major resistance lies at $0.4

* Next major support level at $0.35

* RSI penetrated the 70.0 level and further move upwards seems highly possible.

#2. Bitcoin Cash (BCH 10.66% Gain):

Bitcoin Cash comes second on today’s list of gainers with an 10.66% gain.

The top cryptocurrency has a relatively reasonable market opinion with around 80% of market respondents keeping up positive about BCH.

Within the last year, the coin is down 11.3% while the one month timer looks bullish at 24.8%. Within the last two weeks, Bitcoin cash gained around 16.5% but has lost 0.7% in the last hour.

BCH is currently changing hands at $269.02 with further upside possible in the short term.

Technical Indicators

Prices are slightly above the top of the Bollinger Band indicator. This indicates a bullish ride further which may escort prices to the $325 level.

The Resistance Strength Index (RSI) is horizontal at the 60.0 level. RSI will approach the overbought condition and may race further up in the short-term

* RSI is approaching 70.0

* BCH/USD currently trades above Bollinger band top which indicates a bullish move further

* Next level of major resistance $325

* Next level of major support at $315

#3. Thorchain (RUNE 11.04% Gain):

Rune makes the top spot with a spectacular 11% gain within the last day.

The top gainer has a decent market sentiment as almost 100% of traders are going long on RUNE.

In the one year timeline, RUNE gained 4,817% and has gained throughout other timeframes. In the last month, the coin recorded 32.2% gain and counting till date.

RUNE is currently changing hands at $0.61 as its market capitalization hovers around $112 million.

Technical Indicators

RUNE broke the resistance at $0.6 level and set major support at the same time. A new level of resistance was also broken at the 0.62 level but a price rejection occurred almost immediately. The immediate level of support is found at $0.6.

* RSI is returning from the 80.0 oversold condition and may fall all way down towards the midline at 50.0

* Next level of support will be at $0.6

* Additional resistance is found at $0.62


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