Lee Kim Yew Joins Crypto S11 Digital In A Crypto Wallet Venture

A businessman Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew entirely owns the private investment company- Mines 567 recently partners with Crypto S11 Platform to initiate the Unicorn Wallet beta testing.

Unicorn Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet offering seamless payment transactions. Moreover, it is under beta testing phase. The e-wallet will probably undergo testing with a chosen user groups for around six months prior to its public availability.

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Mines 567 welcome the engagement of government agencies and regulators within this testing period. There was an event today, where Lee reiterates his confidence and beliefs in blockchain technology.

Lee Kim Yew Joins Crypto S11 Digital In A Crypto Wallet Venture

Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew is the chairman and founder at Country Heights Holdings Bhd. According to him, the cryptocurrency wallet investment is a vital move to establish the blockchain industry in Malaysia. He adds:

Without demonstrating this cryptocurrency wallet, no one will know how this will benefit the subscribers and the market. Hence, I am investing in this technology and associating myself with Crypto S11 Digital.

Moreover, he believes that Crypto S11 Digital shares the same vision as him. He expects to eventually create a blockchain bank accomplishing an entire ecosystem

Currently, Mines 567 holds 19.99% worth the British Virgin Islands which Crypto S11 Digital incorporates. Lee also notes:

We will work closely with the authorities to ensure Malaysia can ride the tide of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to spur the economy into new heights

The new Unicorn Wallet presents to become the AliPay over the blockchain world. Moreover, it intends to offer real-time payments relating to hotel bookings, online purchases, peer-to-peer transactions, bills, and a digital asset exchange.

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