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Ledger Crypto Wallet Releases Bluetooth Hardware Wallet

Ledger is a leading cryptocurrency hardware wallet company today reveals its new Bluetooth operating wallet.

The crypto wallet- Ledger Nano X was present at CES 2019 conference held in the Las Vegas. Today, the company announced a mobile application which will go live on January 28. This platform will let users tackle their transactions and maintain their balances right from a mobile device.

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Ledger Nano X is said to hold the capacity of storing 100 digital assets. Back in November, Ledger Nano S starts its support for the Monero (XMR) altcoins.

Moreover in October, Sony technology firm unveils about its creation of a contactless crypto hardware wallet using an IC smart technology. However, the release date of its product is yet not out. Also, Sony notes that this device will manage private keys and store private details on the blockchain along with tackling crypto holdings.

There was news about Ledger stating that they are selling above 1 million worth wallets in 2017. They believe that this move will attract greater tech investors including Samsung, GV and Siemens belonging to the venture arm at Google. The company always plays a move ahead of one’s thinking; they started a Hong Kong office at the closure of October.

Also, recently in December, a research team at the company presents a demonstration on vulnerabilities they figured out in the hardware of Ledger. This malware was allowing them to perform any firmware installation on the wallet. As a result of this demo, Ledger issues a statement about the vulnerabilities not to be critical. Moreover, the hacking methods that were brought in were all unpractical.

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