LATOKEN Introduces Its Own DEX and Surges 1115.71%

According to coin market cap, currently,  most of the exchanges were losing traffic and market share, while several exchanges were gaining it together like LATOKEN.

At the time of writing, Latoken exchange 24 hours trading volume is $243,144,301 or 62,018 BTC with 1040.79% change. Currently the exchange is ranking in 26th position. The exchange supports 146 market trading pairs. According to Alexa website traffic analysis this exchange website has 32,106 rank worldwide.

Basically, Latoken gives you an easy, quick and secure way to exchange crypto and tokenize assets. In terms of security, all private keys for wallets are encrypted with AES-256 and stored offline. It uses Transport Layer Security connections for data transmission.

LATOKEN Introduces New Decentralized Exchange

Latoken, a crypto exchange for blockchain assets and tokens, released an open source, fully decentralized peer-to-peer exchange. The main objective of LADEX is to get rid of the custody problem in asset trading, making it convenient and fast as its centralized exchange.

LADEX claim to use 90K GAS per trade, allowing TPS increase, and there is no KYC to pass for using the DEX. However, according to the roadmap, GAS price will be reduced to 60K per transaction within next 6 months.

Moreover, LADEX will charge only 0.1% per trade for transactions over $50. The exchange’s smart contract was introduced basically to assure that any user can get funds in 24 blocks within 5–6 minutes approximately.

Latoken stated that :

There are great plans in place for the development of LADEX. During this period, algorithmic trading will also be enabled within LADEX. Also, there is more. LADEX 2.0 is free of exchange commissions and TPS rate may reach 1000.

What is your opinion on this 1115.71% increase in trading volume of LaToken? Share your thoughts on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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LATOKEN Surges 1115.71% With The Introduction To Its Own DEX
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LATOKEN Surges 1115.71% With The Introduction To Its Own DEX
With the increase in its trading volume upto 1115.71%, LATOKEN exchange has reached greater heights. LATOKEN has introduced it own DEX called the LADEX..
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