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Did You Know What’s New In The Crypto Market?

Are you aware about what is going from the bitcoin predictions to price fluctuations to new launches in crypto industry? If not, let’s get started!

Coinpedia brings you all the news feed relating to crypto and blockchain at our one-stop shop destination. We present back to back the latest news in crypto, as daily cryptocurrency news plays an essential role in the life of investors and traders. Nowadays, even youth are driving a habit to invest carefully and novices are looking into forming a crypto business.

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Also, today we will go through the latest updates going in the crypto market which you might have missed. Let’s check them out!

Ledger Adopts Crypto Payments

Ledger, a crypto hardware wallet made an agreement with startup, basically a crypto payment platform. This partnership will let clients pay for its products using cryptocurrencies. Also, signs a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) along with Ledger to let Ledger accept their service from “ Pay”.

However, the press release is yet to disclose about cryptos they will support via new payment solution. Meanwhile, the wallet features at now supports 7 fiat currencies and 6 cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase Withdraws Application To BUIDL Trademark

Coinbase exchange decides to withdraw an application to trademark BUIDL. According to the USPTO website, the application official status modifies to abandon on December 19.  This term is analogous along with the familiar crypto term “hodl”. Moreover, this means holding cryptocurrency rather than selling it, regardless of price fluctuations.

Also, Balaji S. Srinivasan, CTO at Coinbase calls the exchange’s bid to trademark “BUIDL” as a “100 percent defensive filing,” stating:

The team had no intention to prevent the community from using it. There had been thought of a feature named Coinbase BUIDL and they didn’t want to attract patent trolls for a common term.

BitMex CEO Says Bitcoin Could Be The New Asset Class

According to the CEO at BitMex, Arthur Hayes Bitcoin holds the potential to stance a new asset class in the coming 10 years. Arthur speaks with the host Laura Shin along with another group of industry leaders in the Global Financial Leadership Conference at CME held last month.

I think 24/7 trading of all different types of assets is something that’s going to be the future, and that will bleed into other markets we’re all familiar with, you know, FX, fixed income and equities.

Boerse Stuttgart Group Is Ready To Launch a Hybrid Crypto Banking Platform

According to a news report, the German Company is all set for the new system launch. This will develop along with solarisBank in 2019.  Moreover, SolarisBank will offer crypto trading banking services to the exchange. Probably, this venture competes for new frontiers to combine a hybrid system into a traditional fiat network.

This announcement follows the cryptocurrency market bearish mood and sentiment which is somehow running low. Nevertheless, this launch will drive crypto markets closer to mainstream professional players.

Vitalik Buterin Offers $300K Worth Crypto to 3 Ethereum Startups

The creator of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin recently donates worth $300,000 cryptos to relatively 3 blockchain startups.

The three projects involve in this 1,000 ETH giving include Sigma Prime, Prysmatic Labs, and ChainSafe Systems. These 3 projects are building the next iteration of the blockchain network- “Ethereum 2.0”.

  1. Sigma Prime is working on Ethereum 2.0 client- Lighthouse
  2. Prysmatic Labs is focusing on Ethereum scalability
  3. ChainSafe is also developing an Ethereum 2.0 client

Changpeng Zhao Names 2018 As The Correction Year For Crypto

CZ at Binance calls 2018 as a “correction year” specifically for digital currencies. During an interview at Bloomberg, he reveals optimism for the coming era in crypto space. Zhao mentions about a bear market plaguing traders in 2018, taking a turn in mid- November over a market crash.

While asking about how the price correction influences the exchange Binance plans, Zhao states Binance announces 1 fiat exchange. Moreover, they are planning to build two or three in the near future along with ten additional fiat exchanges by 2019.

What do you think about the news going around the crypto market? Despite the price fall and market crash, believers are still putting their hope in a crypto market. Stay updated with Coinpedia latest news, enjoy reading!

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