Last Week in Crypto Sphere – Updates To Know

Several exciting events made the news in the Crypto Sphere last week.

Among the popular happenings are the additional valuation of Bitmain exchange and MacDonald’s unveiling of its MacCoin.

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Vitalik clamors for increased Main street trading

Last week, Vitalik Buterin, tweeted that more emphasis was on bringing cryptocurrencies to Wall Street instead of Main Street. In his tweet, he stated that: “I think there’s too much emphasis on BTC/ETH/whatever ETFs, and not enough emphasis on making it easier for people to buy $5 to $100 in cryptocurrency via cards
at corner store. The former is better for pumping price, but the latter is much better for actual adoption.”

Bitmain gets $2billion richer

Also on Tuesday, Bitmain reportedly recorded an additional $2 billion to its total valuation. The added sum brought its total worth to $14 billion prior to its IPO. Reports indicate that it made a profit of $1.1 billion in just the first quarter of 2018. McDonald celebrates Big Mac’s 50 th anniversary in style Last week Wednesday, McDonald’s unveiled Maccoin to celebrate Mac’s 50th anniversary. Maccoin is a limited edition global currency supported by Big Mac. Starting from lunch time on August 2, its customers can receive a Maccoin when they purchase a Big Mac. Reportedly, there are about 14,000 participating restaurants across US. Customers can subsequently redeem their Maccoin for a free Big Mac at the US participating restaurants and other participating countries. DOJ investigates Poloniex activities

On Thursday, media outlets reported that Poloniex has become the subject of a US Department of Justice investigation. The investigation followed a series of complaints by users that they had been denied access to their account profiles.

Chinese Government to hire Cryptographer

The Chinese government is reportedly looking to hire a cryptographic specialist to handle one of its censorship agencies. The Chinese Public Broadcasting Research Institute published the job ad last week. The job description includes monitoring and developing tools for analyzing threats arising from cryptographic applications.

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