L1S “Last 1 Standing” Token Review, Tokenomics And Project Details



L1S token which stands for “Last 1 Standing” is a deflationary token on the BSC network.


L1S is designed to benefit the investors that hold L1S tokens and collect as many as possible by 1/1/2030.

A set 11% trade fee on each transaction is broken down into percentages to be dispersed into liquidity pool, burned tokens, prize pool wallet, and expenses related to the continuity of the project. 

The whole goal of L1S is the Prize Wallet which builds up until 1/1/30 and then will be distributed to all the holders based on how much L1S they hold.

Just a month after deployment on the BSC network, L1S is already up 80% and the prize wallet has increased to $3,451.53


  • 3% Burn Rate
  • 6% Auto LP to PancakeSwap
  • 1% Marketing
  • 1% Prize Wallet

Major Accomplishments

In a short time, L1S token has already covered massive ground. A full audit has been conducted on the smart contract and the results were impressive.

The development team has commissioned a billboard for advertising, conducted an AMA interview with Coindor that will be live on Youtube in the coming days, and the development team will be conducting an in-person event to educate people on cryptocurrencies along with assisting them in purchasing L1S tokens. 

Future of L1S 

The future of L1S has many possibilities in-store. Since this is a long-term holding token they plan to incorporate utility that creates passive income for holders such as farming pools.

They also plan to develop an L1S backed decentralized exchange as they grow with benefits for liquidity providers that provide L1S LP tokens. 

Final Note

L1S token was created to show that long-term holding can pay off and is designed to reward the holder or holders that stick around until the very last tokens have been burned. Long-term investment can pay off in many areas and this token can teach that.

The Last 1 Standing will make money, but we hope that all investors in this project are able to experience a positive return.

This project was created by crypto enthusiasts with no intent to perform a rug pull or be viewed as a scam coin. To ensure a rug pull cannot happen liquidity will either be locked away or burned.

L1S is and always will be a community-involved project. If you as the holder would like to reach out for more information about L1S, that can simply be done by filling out the contact link on our website: 


Recognized on Digital Perspectives Youtube Channel

Completed Full Audit 

Digital Bulletin Boards / Professional Athletes Endorsement 







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