KuCoin Exchange to Support The KickCoin (KICK) Token Swap

One of the most advanced and secure cryptocurrency exchanges, KuCoin released an official announcement stating its support towards KickCoin (KICK) Token Swap. 

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As per the blog post the token swapping will be held on 29th August 2019.

As per the KickEcosystem report, there are chances of getting up to 150% bonus KickTokens during the swap.  (Swap Rate: 1 KickCoin : 1 KickToken ).

KickToken Swap features the Bonus for those who wish to get additional KickTokens during the swap. Bonus KickTokens credits according to the balances based on 11 tiers.

Moreover,  In order to not lose cryptocurrency, holders are should withdraw their KickCoins from any exchange and store in a personal wallet. KuCoin will automatically swap the Kick Coins to Tokens on the specified date.

Introducing The KuCoinPlay Platform Beta Release

On August 15th announce the launch of the beta version of its newest platform: KuCoinPlay. 

Basically, KuCoinPlay allows users to participate in contests where they can discover and support their favourite blockchain projects in a more fun and engaging way. The top players for each of the contests will be rewarded with amazing cryptocurrency prizes.

Origo (OGO) Trading Competition

The platform also conducted an Origo (OGO) Trading Competition. The competition is held from 18:00:00 on August 16, 2019, to 18:00:00 on August 23, 2019. As per the announcement , the Top 10 accounts with the highest trading amounts of OGO (buys + sells) on KuCoin will win a share of 534,000 OGO as a reward in proportion to their trading amount.

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