Kucoin Initiates The Matrix AI Network (MAN) MainNet Token Swap


It is after a long wait and continuous efforts that the Matrix Token Swap is all set to begin. Kucoin exchange made an announcement yesterday, that they will support the Matrix AI Network (MAN) mainnet token swap. They will also help all MAN holders on KuCoin to complete the native MAN token swap process.


As per the announcement, the token swap is said to begin tomorrow on April 11 at 11 Am(Beijing time) through the Matrix Web Wallet. Users can easily download the detailed token swap manual on Official Matrix Website.

What Is Matrix Token Swap?

MAN tokens are temporary ERC20 tokens built on Ethereum network. Basically, the token swap consists of exchanging temporary tokens for native MAN tokens. They can further be applicable on Matrix AI Network. Completion of the token swap requires three primary methods: the Exchange-assisted Swap, the Matrix Web Wallet Auto-Swap, and the Manual Swap.

Some sort of elemental risk exists in the token swap transactions as there is a room for human error. It is also better to be careful while completing each step of Matrix Token Swap. Specifically while using the Matrix Web Wallet Auto-Swap method. Suppose if any issues arise during token swap caused by user error, the Matrix AI Network will not be responsible.

To remove some sort of pressure to complete the swap as soon as possible, the function to stake master nodes will not be open until April 13th, 2019 at 11 am (Beijing Time)— two days after the start of the token swap.

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