Blockchain Digital Wallet ‘KrisPay’ Launched by Singapore Airlines (SIA)

Singapore Airlines (SIA) has launched a blockchain digital wallet- KrisPay that allows travelers to convert air-miles into cryptocurrency.

Back in February, Singapore Airlines (SIA) was aiming to launch world’s first blockchain based airline loyalty digital wallet. It was stated that the digital wallet would go live in six months.

SIA CEO Goh Choon Phong had stated;

“Innovation has been a key contributor to the success of Singapore Airlines since Day 1 and we are very wondering about this world-first initiative. However which will bring even more benefits to members of our KrisFlyer programme”.

On July 24, as said, SIA launched its blockchain based digital wallet app called KrisPay. It will available for regular travelers of SIA’s ‘KrisFlyer’ frequent flyer program. Moreover, with the use of blockchain technology traveler can spend their air miles are petrol station, retails, and other merchants within the nation. Therefore, the app is available on Android and Apple platforms.

Phong stated;

“By creating a miles-based digital wallet which integrates the use of miles into their daily lives, KrisFlyer members have yet another way to use miles instantly on everyday transactions”.

Further, the newly lunched digital wallet will allow travelers to transact 15 KrisPay miles which is approximately S$0.10, reads the statement. Thus, the international airport owns 18 merchants including fuel station, retailers and restaurants that accept KrisPay miles.

In addition, several accomplishments at wide world airline industries, the International Airport Brisbane accepts cryptocurrencies within its terminal at retails holdings. Also, Lufthansa, the German airline giant has teamed up with Swiss blockchain startup to use Ethereum blockchain to develop travel apps.

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