Kraken One Of The Top Player In The Global Bitcoin Exchange Market

Very few exchanges pull off nicely, even when they are in trouble, this is the same with Kraken. It is a U.S. based crypto exchange platform which gained 63% growth.

According to coinmarketcap, the platform ranks 37 and the recent growth has increased its 24-hr trading volume to $190,421,275 (36,359 BTC). The platform offers around 72 trading pairs and is considered one of the top exchange in the U.S.

Kraken is one of the top players in the global Bitcoin Exchange market. Recently, $10 Million were traded in a single day on Kraken’s USDT/USD market. Moreover, Bitcoin and Litecoin futures

The exchange came with new initiatives for security. The platform CEO, in his blog, said they have made compulsory two-factor authentication. Next, they have formed Kraken security labs to enhance the security of both of its own products as well as the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem by executing vulnerability research on third-party products, such as hardware and software wallets.

Ex-employee dragged Kraken to court and sues $900,000. Silverman, the former employee alleged Jesse Powell and he did verbal agreement of $150,000 salary annually and 10% of the annual profit made by the trading desk as commission.

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Mustafa Mulla

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