Why Did The KIN Coin Price See A Sudden Uptrend To 43.53%?

With a good kick start of this week, things are getting quite interesting for cryptocurrencies. Although the top market is lowering, the ones with lower-cap are moving up. One such example is the KIN coin, whose prices are reaching sky-high.  

Kin is one such project which has created a lot of buzz past few weeks and months. It will be more surprising to see how higher the value can go with respect to the Bitcoin value. Over the past 24 hours the kin coin price has seen a major uptrend of 43.53%.

KIN coin price

As of now, Kin is valued at $0.000072 with a market cap value of $54,206,963. The altcoin is currently on the 85th position having a circulating supply of 756,097,560,976 KIN.

Kin price

Few of the interesting conversations on Twitter led to this sudden price increase in the coin. Mercatox is one such modern service which allows users to access e-currency and cryptocurrency exchange markets. This platform now supports the Kin swap. This is because the project takes a better transition form ERC20 token to their own blockchain.

Basically, this swap aims to ensure that this ecosystem will remain viable at all times. However, various other exchanges will also support this swap. All the parties involved in this swap are yet to confirm the exact date.

After creating a lot of buzz, most of the traders expect Binance to list KIN. Although it is still not known if the company will go through this process. However, the company will keep all its traders updated on what happens in the company at any point of time. How will this listing affect the future of the coin is totally unpredictable.

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