KIBIS Blockchain Company Are Ready To Roll Out Its Self-Service Network- Kiosks

A blockchain company KIBIS unveils its plans to announce self-service global network kiosks. This will allow unbanked people to pay their bills, purchase and access various financial services.

KIBIS mentions a plethora of service is accessible via its kiosks. The clients can now pay for any services like water, gas, and electricity. They can book airline tickets together with the control to check flight details. Customers can subscribe to TV subscription services including Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc. Also, they can purchase prepaid vouchers for anyone they wish to offer.

KIBIS Self-Service Network- Kiosks

The self-service kiosks accept the payment method as cash and cryptocurrencies from permitting countries. Moreover, other forms of payment will be available soon with further advancements. This firm is already in partnership with many mobile carriers, allowing customers to top up their smartphones whenever necessary.

Moreover, they can make donations for the charitable causes directly from a kiosk. There are various organizations bidding to help fuel up the mainstream cryptocurrencies adoption. Leveraging this service, consumers can now invest in gift cards for crypto exchanges.

KIBIS Blockchain Company Kiosks-min

Meanwhile, the team is using a high-throughput blockchain network for processing transactions. They are planning to use an e-wallet payment network in the near future. They will connect a side chain to the Ethereum main net for assuring the potential of KIBIS to operate at a reasonable scale.

Additionally, KIBIS talks about the income deriving from transaction fees of Kiosks. They say that its new service offers two additional revenue streams. However, an advertising display will appear at the top of every kiosk. The company seems confident about the service might create high demand drawing nearby businesses.

Future Plans

  • High effective mining equipment will embed within individual KIBIS kiosk
  • Every single machine will enjoy the low-cost source of electricity.
  • The firm plans to create a large mining pool around some selective countries
  • Multi-algorithm mining platform will be live to ensure energy transferring to mining
  • The customers will get denote about most profitable coins at a particular period
  • This will be a move that will enhance return on investment

KIBIS Network- Kiosks-min

Few selective countries that self-service kiosks consider are the United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Russia, the United Kingdom, Azerbaijan and some more countries throughout Eastern Europe.

Meanwhile, these machines will generate profits from the new KIBIS Mining equipment. KIBIS envisages with every kiosk deployment in future counts up to 18,000 fitting within its infrastructure.

The KIBIS public presale will initiate on Dec. 10, 2018, following an entire Initial Coin Offering. Looking ahead to the next year, KIBIS decides to start ordering the manufacture of kiosks incorporating built-in mining equipment. Moreover, a mining pool is set to launch and development work is yet to commence.

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