Keyport Applications Accepts Encrypted Messages Built on BCH Blockchain

The Keyport application, a platform that utilizes the OP_Codes of BCH network enables to send and accept encrypted messages. It is built on BCH Blockchain and Toku Protocol which encrypts the message and fix in OP_Return of a transaction. 

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In a recent week, the one who supports Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are now allowed to test a news encrypted messaging app built on Toku Protocol and BCH Blockchain.  The Keyport platform is available on Google Play store and the video demo gives a glance over how to use the platform.

Shravan Shandilya, co-founder of Atlantislabs explains about the new application, “The peer to peer messaging app Keyport built on BCH Blockchain. Therefore, messages are encrypted and fixed in OP_Return of a transaction. The chats can be decrypted by only intending recipient. Sandilya says, however, for every message, it needs to transfer a duct and a small miner fee”.

Shandilya elaborates;

“As the protocol is built over the decentralized blockchain, third parties cannot intercept or block your chats. Such as what is being done to messaging apps like Telegram. The protocol can be extended to enable future privacy, by generating one-way ephemeral secrets”.

The Keyport project was founded by two huge Bitcoin Cash maximalists, Sharavn Shandilya and his partner Sumanth Neppali. However, they both believe that for many years innovation has been subdued by the Bitcoin Scaling debate. Shandilya says that they have been adopting several ways to build 0-confirmation transactions payment gateway.

He said;

“What we observed was that merchants already had payment gateways and we should look at other ways to increase user adoption. Around the same time, we observed that censorship on multiple platforms such as Twitter, Reddit has become rampant. We saw firsthand that when information controls as in the case of the bitcoin subreddit, people cannot see the other perspective”.

Furthermore, the development team of Keyport platform has a Telegram Group in which users can give feedback on team and report bugs. However, the team is appealing to any developers interested in working on the Keyport project. The team said that it is working on the open source code for the messaging service as well as “release for IOS in coming days”.

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