Former President of UBS China Karen Chen Became CEO at Higgs Crypto Firm

The former president of UBS China Ltd., Karen Chen has joined the cryptocurrency firm named Higgs Blockchain Technology PTE, LTD as Chief Executive Officer.

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According to the statement, Karen Chen, whose Chinese name is Chen Qing, in December moved to Higgs Block Technology. The Blockchain company founded in August and located at Singapore. However, among several financial industry experts, Higgs is the latest one to step into evolving crypto space.

Chen said in a statement:

“There is a market need to disrupt the industry by integrating the cutting-edge technology with traditional financial assets and services to help sophisticated investors to bridge this gap”.

In details, the Higgs Block Technology was founded in August, 2017. The Blockchain Technology is at its core aiming to provide higher security and convenience blockchain asset services globally. The BitUN Fintech, Higgs Chain, Higgs Exchange Group, Higgs Consulting and Exchange Technology are its five subsidiaries.

Previously, Karen Chen was CEO at Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA). She was also managed to have a senior position at Standard Chartered Bank. Therefore, in 2015, she was CEO of UBS China.

Recently, Rob Jesudason, the former Commonwealth Bank CFO has joined Block.One as Group president and Chief operating officer. Thus, it is the crypto firm that sells EOS token and had launched blockchain software called EOSIO.

Jesudason says that:

“the market’s strong response to’s approach has resulted in it being one of the fastest growing organizations in the world. And this will inform our operational growth strategies going forward”.

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