Crypto Expert BlaKFX – Bitcoin Is Like A Collectable

Co-founder of BlaKFX, Kara Coppa, believes Bitcoin will be around for a long time. This is because it's more of a collectible.

In an interview on Fox Business, BlaKFX discussed the cryptocurrency and companies efforts to ensure its security. Kara Coppa, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of BlaKFX, a cryptosecurity firm. He stated that Bitcoin was proof of a great concept and will be around for a long time. Although, it’s more of a collectible.

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According to Coppa, you need to have common liquidity pools. If money can’t be moved from fiat to crypto and move back into e-commerce to purchase something. Then, it’s not useful. The Chief Operating Officer also discussed cryptocurrency. She also spoke about her company’s intentions to ensure security in an interview on Fox Business.

One Of The Biggest Steal In History

Many thought Bitcoin was going crazy. But, cybersecurity issues were the real problem for the year. In 2018, about $1 billion was lost, this is known as the biggest steal in history. It must be said that there are a lot of issues with blockchain.

However, BlaKFX has discovered many issues. It also gained 18 additional patents pending, lots of solutions to fix all the problems and make it secure. Presently, work has been carried out with the government’s right now.

Majorly in Malta where the Blockchain Island is. BlaKFX in partnership with the government is creating cybersecurity regulations. The regulations are meant to ensure that there is no theft. It’s to also make sure forward movement can be carried out with this as a currency in the future.

Government Shows Involvement In Cryptocurrency

In 2019, it is expected that governments will begin to come on board and launch cryptocurrencies of their own. For instance, by 2020, Dubai’s initiative is to have the whole government on the blockchain.

An important fact about cryptocurrency is making it secure. Once it’s secure there is no need making it anonymous. You can also have governments as a part of that picture.

However, when banks and governments bring into cutting-edge technology, it goes a long way. Another prediction for 2019, is the expectation to see a lot of alliances. It expects that the government sector will come in together.

The different exchanges and cybersecurity companies will come together to make it a better technology. Coppa believes Bitcoin is a great proof of concept. He also thinks it will be around for a long time. However, it’s more of a collectible.

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