Justin Sun, TRON CEO Hints Towards Some Big News

In a rare occurrence of a tweet, Justin Sun, TRON platform CEO, made an announcement of an announcement. You read it right. Justin says he’ll be announcing the Big News by the end of this October month. 

Earlier today, Justin Sun tweeted about TRON and BUPT partnerships. Both parties will cooperate closely for smart contracts based on zero-knowledge proof, homomorphic encryption, and others. He further hinted at the great upcoming news. This made the twitteraties excited. 

One crypto fan, Mickey_Pedia asked about this to Justin. To this the TRON CEO, Justin Sun replied that:

Many have tried to guess what may the news be. Some tweets claim that TRON is entering a partnership with Samsung. 

Another tweet on Mickey_Pedia’s tweet says that Justin will something at SDC2019 related to TRON and blockchain.

All in all, Justin Sun’s tweet has created a stir by this announcement. people are excited about the great news. We’ll keep you updated regarding this.

Justin Sun, TRON CEO Hints Towards Some Big News
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Justin Sun, TRON CEO Hints Towards Some Big News
Justin Sun, TRON CEO, tweets about big news that will shake the crypto market. He replied in respect to Mickey_pedia tweet.
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