Justin Sun Makes a Bold Statement on Facebook’s Libra


CEO of Tron Ecosystem, Justin Sun recently interviewed for the Freewallet Community. The discussion included whether he would be open to rapping with Vitalik Buterin, how Tron’s partnership with Pornhub came about and how he sees adoption moving forward.


Justin began the session speaking about potential partnerships in the industry. He suggested that the collection of resources and ideas influences growth of the space. He assured his support for USDT and said that the ecosystem required stablecoins in order to provide “confidence and stability” to investors.

Further, when Sun was asked if he was interested in collaborating with Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin and he said, “we’re always open to collaborating with people in the industry. Combining resources and big ideas almost always leads to greater industry growth overall”.

In the course of discussion he also highlighted his views on Facebook’s Libra. Justin claimed that there’s a lot of skepticism on whether Facebook can actually deliver on what it promises for Libra – and whether it will make it past regulatory hurdles. But that’s not really the point. 

He believes that :

“ Facebook’s entry into crypto will facilitate blockchain’s bright future.”

In Addition, Justin spoke about multiple charitable works undertaken. He further stated that the Tron Foundation is working with the Binance Charity to support hunger-relief programs. Sun stated that he is always looking out for partnerships that would enhance the growth of blockchain and his business. 

Finally, Justin ended the interview by saying “Mass adoption will take a lot of time. By the time of mass adoption, the early players will be big winners because there won’t be enough crypto for everybody.”

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