Justin Sun invites Circle CEO, For Lunch With Warren Buffet


The whole crypto industry is excited about the forthcoming Crypto lunch which is just a week away. On July 18th, CEO and founder of Tron, Justin Sun asked his followers what he should ask Warren Buffett during the crypto lunch. As expected, Justin received a huge response. 


Few valid questions were : 

One of the twitter user suggested Justin ask “what he thinks about the “powerful network effects of distributed token economies” and if he ever plans to invest in blockchain businesses”.

Another Twitter user says Justin should ask Buffett if he thinks that crypto could help with inflation.

Jon Marrs suggested Justin ask Buffett if he regrets not having invested early in Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Netflix, and Facebook. He also claimed that Buffett might regret missing out on the same early-stage tech opportunity if he doesn’t invest in bitcoin and cryptocurrency now when the industry is still in its infancy.

Additionally, Justin also claimed that, In addition to the WarrenBuffett lunch, something HUGE will also be happening next week.

What do you think Justin is talking about? Will there be a major update in Tron? 

Justin Invites Circle CEO to Join The Crypto lunch 

On July 18th, Justin invited, Jeremy Allaire – CEO and founder of  Circle, to join lunch with Warren Buffet. 

In response to this  Jeremy Allaire said that he will join Buffett lunch. Also, claimed that he is honored to join the lunch with Warren Buffett next week to discuss crypto!! He also wants to bring the world’s third-wealthiest person up to speed with the latest developments in crypto, as well as getting some valuable advice from Buffet.

Previously, Justin invited Litecoin founder Charlie Lee, and Lee confirmed that he will mark his presence. Although tech expert Andreas Antonopolous and Binance head Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao have both declined, Replies from Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin and US President Donald J. Trump hasn’t been received yet.

What questions Justin and Other guests should ask WarrenBuffett at lunch next week? Share your views on our Facebook and Twitter page.

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