Justin Sun: BitTorrent Speed Is The Next Game-Changing Blockchain App

CEO of Tron, Justin Sun embraces its new acquired BitTorrent Speed along with Tron. Since a long time, he was planning how the team can innovate these two projects with lively existence.

Author: Sohrab Khawas

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    Recently, Justin Sun, the CEO at Tron, posted a tweet about the speed of BitTorrent which is expected to be the game-changing blockchain app by the second quarter of 2019. Moreover, the application of BitTorrent Speed incorporates BitTorrent usage.

    BitTorrentSpeed? It’s a game-changing #blockchain based application expected in Q2 of 2019 that will reward BitTorrent users with $BTT in exchange for seeding and bandwidth, increasing the speed of torrent downloads and creating a healthier ecosystem.

    The CEO has been always positive about its new acquisition along with its pondering coin “Tron”. Currently, Tron is trading at eight positions according to CoinMarketCap. It has $0.026725 worth of its price, $377,440,090 as its 24-hour volume, however, still positively trading with 5.58% as per 24 hour change.

    Moreover, BitTorrent optimization has been a huge breakthrough for the team Tron. The members within this platform are trying their relentless effort for developing the project at ease to the user. However, the launch of BitTorrent Speed has already seen enhancing the BitTorrent performance.

    BitTorrent Speed is basically a blockchain running app that allows users to share big bandwidth and files amongst themselves. Also, their software connects and rewards clients offering BitTorrent BTT token while serving various other content via uTorrent network direct by seeding and bandwidth.

    To be more specific, the longer customer upload seeds, the more BTT token they will earn. Additionally, it let users work with a higher speed of downloads rather than working with P2P clients.

    On the other hand, BitTorrent Speed has no requirement of any such system component to proceed with the transactions. It runs with the uTorrent client, right with a click with the help of a left-hand navigation menu. Then the activity starts and displays the respective balance.

    Moreover, it automatically bets BitTorrent (BTT) to various users suggesting for faster speed. BitTorrent Speed is said to be accessible for download from the Q2 of 2019. So, the users interested can now sign-up for updates right on the BitTorrent.

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