Justin Sun CEO At TRON Is Looking Forward For Crypto Mainstream Adoption

Justin Sun, the founder of TRON wants to justify that despite recent controversies and protestations regarding cryptocurrency, it is not a scam in this market.

Supporting this act, Justin Sun recently recruits a former employee working for the SEC as the first compliance director.  Who said to support smart contracts and high throughput blockchain platform- TRON.

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He has always been a believer about this tailored regulation to spark the cryptocurrencies mainstream adoption. Sun also has some words with VentureBeat noting:

We’re ready to fully embrace regulation here. We’ve just hired our first head of compliance, who previously worked for the SEC for almost eight years.

According to the Tron CEO, he wants to assure that entire regulation is not only limited to the United States, but also Korea, China, and Japan in the coming future. He views blockchain as a new operating system, and the world needs to embrace the blockchain. He continues:

The SEC, I think, also sees the blockchain as a good opportunity for innovation in the United States. I’m hoping that this year the SEC will license and regulate coin-based exchanges. This year will be the year of full regulation.

Justin Sun mentions this statement at the NiTRON Summit. Which was held in San Francisco early this week. During this conference, Sun and the NBA Hall of Kobe Bryant spoke about the challenges regarding entrepreneurship. The footage of this conference is available online, you can watch out there. He also tweets a photo which reads:

He desires to see the crypto market take off getting entirely adopted by its mainstream. One such way that he thinks it can be possible is trying to do it by himself.

Recently, he initiated BitTorrent token on the Binance Launchpad. The P2P file sharing protocol confirms about existing more than 100 million users are active within fewer than 140 countries.

Back in July, Sun acquires BitTorrent for worth $126 million. Moreover, the BTT token is basically a cryptocurrency which links to its BitTorrent platform.

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