John McAfee’s Response to Donald Trump’s remark on Cryptocurrency


After the recent controversial tweet by Donald Trump on Libra and other cryptocurrencies. Many crypto influencers shared their strong reactions. One among them was the popular figure of crypto industry, John McAfee.

 John Posted a video soon after Trump’s tweet, McAfee argued that “curbing innovative tech, out of the fear that criminals would use it, is absolutely bizarre”.

McAfee explained that with the emergence of technology, criminals are benefited, but that doesn’t mean we stop the tech itself. Further, he gave an example of telephone, internet, and automobiles, which were beneficial tools for criminals.

Initially, McAfee explainedTrump saying that,  that the innovation of the telephone which created a brand new America with instant communications to ease everybody’s life for a better living including criminals since they could use the telephone to coordinate criminal activities nationwide.

Further, he pointed out the fact that prior to automobiles, bank robberies were rare and mostly unsuccessful since there was no way for criminals to get out of town and spend the stolen funds.

He also elaborated how the internet has created international criminal organizations that can do all they want instantaneously, making the advent of the internet a great move for criminals

In this new video, McAfee furthered his claimed that : “Best example is fake McAfee accounts, which claim to send you five Bitcoins if you send them just one or even half. And people do that. You cannot save people such stupid.”

According to McAfee, Regulations and laws are broken and are ignored by only criminals.” he further claimed that regulations only hurt people who are law-abiding, and said the President to get a ‘clue’ about cryptocurrencies.

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