John McAfee’s Bold Statements on Privacy Coins, Monero and Apollo


John McAfee, one of the most interesting and popular public figures in the crypto industry appeared on The Grimerica Show on August 8th. The discussion included john’s message of freedom, and running for President in the Libertarian Party. Also, he discussed transparency, censorship, blockchain/crypto, and regulations. 

In the course of the discussion, McAfee stated that “any government’s attempt to create their own crypto is going to fail”. He believes that it will be controlled and operated by the government. While discarding the possibility of enforcing government-owned crypto, he said: “ The government should have a policeman in every home in America to prevent us from choosing something else like Monero, which gives me ultimate privacy and anonymity.”

McAfee also highlighted his support towards privacy coins, pointing out Bitcoin, Ethereum and every ERC-20 coin’s open nature that enables users to easily track other wallets. He believes that privacy coins are taking away complete financial control from the government. 

Furthermore, he claimed that: If you enter the world of privacy coins it doesn’t matter. Nobody can isolate a Monero transaction on the Internet among the other flow of traffic. 

John McAfee Apologizes Apollo Platform

Recently, John McAfee tweeted about how there have been reports of Apollo locking the issued coins. And how this violates the whole purpose of being privacy coins.

In response to this tweet, Apollo Platform said that there had been no reports as such. However, the only report made was regarding his wallet. The platform pointed out, they had mentioned him that they’d fix the problem and get back to him, a day ago.

Later, McAfee deleted his tweets and apologized to the company, telling how he got trolled by someone.

However, this accusation didn’t affect the trade price of Apollo majorly. The coin was trading up around 4.3%. 

What’s your view on Privacy coins? 

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