John McAfee Shares His Main Intention Of Being The US President

The US presidential run for the year 2020 is quite interesting, as John McAfee is one of the main candidate for this run. Yesterday, in an interview with AMB crypto, John McAfee spoke on various topics such as his upcoming Presidential run, Federal cryptocurrency, Calvin Ayre and many more.

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According to the interview, John McAfee basically aims to promote decentralized currency and encourage its adoption. He has no real intention of being the US President. As per McAfee, neither the Democratic nor the Republican party will embrace the cryptocurrency notion.

Adding to which he also said suppose if they did, then it would be for ‘Big Brother’ to track its users activities. He advises the virtual currency community to use privacy-centric cryptocurrency instead.  

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He said,

Neither will fulky (fully) embrace it. Both will attempt to issue a Fedreral (Federal) Cryptocurrency that, i promise, will be a tracking mechanism for users. Just don’t usr (use) it. Use a privacy coin instead.

He said, the quintessence of decentralized currency lies in taking the financial power away from centralized authorities and giving it to masses. Additionally, he also said this might be of too much power to the people. This is the reason why politicians are distancing from virtual currencies.

Bitcoin ETF Approval By SEC

The Chairman of SEC, Jay Clayton, expresses the reason why SEC was on fence about Bitcoin ETF approval was the market’s vulnerability to manipulation and high volatility of cryptocurrencies. His intentions were in the direction to protect the investors. Also, suppose if that was not viable, then there would be no publicly traded cryptocurrencies.

Previously, John McAfee was against Clayton and was demanding a debate with him. However, he also asked his followers to send a flood of emails, calling the chairman for a debate. But, he was unsuccessful in his efforts.

John McAfee said that he does not believe in the Universal Basic Income[UBI]. To which he stated that

I Don’t believe in Universal Basic Income. Life is, and always has been, a battle if the “Fittest.” People have to work, risk. experiment, attempt, suffer hardships, learn, accept, adapt. It can be no other way if our species is to survive.

During the interview John McAfee also spoke about Bitcoin Cash [BCH]. While, Bitcoin Cash’s hardfork in November 2018, McAfee was in support of Roger Ver and Jihan Wu-backed Bitcoin Cash ABC, saying

You have my sword and my loyalty.

Furthermore, answering to the question if Craig Wright is the real Satoshi, McAfee replied,

It’s utter nonsense.

Speaking about the terrible Christchurch tragedy McAfee said,

If everyone in the Mosques had been armed, the death toll would have been minimal. An armed society is the only safe society. And armed societies are the most polite in the world as we learned from the “wild west” period in America. Everyone was armed.

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