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John McAfee Fired-up Against SEC’s Warning to ICO Promoters

The opposition of SEC, John McAfee fired up on SECs new take about ICO promotions by his tweet that SEC unlawfully intends to rule the cryptocurrency world.


The Beginning

Meanwhile, it all started with a recent announcement by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In that announcement, SEC strongly warned the users to be careful with ICO promoters as they are often paid for it. It alerted that those Social media influencers are not investment professionals and their advice lead to fraudulent activities.

Moreover, SEC has taken strict action against Boxer Floyd Mayweather and DJ Khaled for the promotion of ICO without disclosing the relationship with them. SEC indicated celebrities as well individuals, not to advertise any digital currency without disclosing its nature and the amount he/she received to promote it.

John McAfee, promoter of most ICO, decided to take the lead saying SEC has no right to control crypto industry. Additionally, made an allegation that SEC wants to own the crypto as it assumed the future of this it.

John claimed that he always openly and publicly ridiculed the SEC, which, in his opinion, is “corrupt part of America. Also, he warned SEC not to contact him. Otherwise, he will take the strict move.

Latest Reaction of John McAfee

John McAfee made a joke of SEC decision by tweeting that people should lodge a complaint to FBI. They should give a statement that an illegal and aggressive agency running by US government is blackmailing or threatening the crypto members.

How to fight back? Here’s one way! File a complaint with the FBI stating that a rogue agency of the US government has been extorting members of your community. Tell them you fear for your safety. Suggest the agency was infiltrated by terrorists. However, repeat with your local police.

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