“I Am The Real Craig Wright. I Can Prove It.” Says John McAfee


A few days ago on May 21, Craig Wright made an announcement that he had been officially endorsed as Satoshi Nakamoto. Basically, this was because Wright had been “granted” a copyright registration for the bitcoin white paper and the bitcoin source code by the US Copyright Office. Also according to the US Copyright Office, this was the “first government agency recognition” of Wright as Satoshi.


With all this happening around, John McAfee tweets that he is the real Craig Wright and also that he can prove it.

I am the real Craig Wright. I can prove it. Absolutely. I’m filing a patent on my existence as Craig Wright. I can prove I am him at a finger’s snap. But I’m not going to. You must simply believe me. I will be suing Craig, soon, for impersonating me. Unlike me, he is serveable.

Although he very well knows that he is an impossibility, he says he is just biding time until the universe corrects it’s error.

Also, in a recent blog post Craig points out John McAfee to be an anarchist, scammer, & ponzi artist.  

“He is a criminal on the run, he has broken law after law, and he fled countries as a result. He takes money to promote scams, profits, and lives awake of destruction. Such is the problem with anarchy; it is people like John McAfee who run Ponzis and scams and the people with money who benefit most from your system without law.”

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