John Mcafee Is No Longer Supporting ICOs, Citing SEC Threat

The latest tweet of John McAfee states that he is no longer working with ICOs. By looking at SEC threats, he would not be recommending the ICOs as well. 

Before the Announcement, John McAfee Was the Biggest Influencer of Cryptos and Icos

On record Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market has had a rough so far this year but John McAfee was constantly promoting and supporting cryptos and ICOs on social media. According to McAfee crypto team organization, a single tweet promoting ICO or cryptocurrency turns 100% results in its price. “Few analysts claim that paid promotion of ICOs by influencers like McAfee would be breaking the law. It seems an unregistered broker-dealers.”

He announced on Twitter as follows;

Following his tweet, there are many crypto enthusiasts retorting about the scam they confronted with those ICOs. His tweet feed also states that he has blocked approximately 800 people in the past 72 hours. However, he didn’t reveal those 800 folks were the ICO enthusiast, investors or general folks. Moreover, he said that friends of these people were personally messaging him to “re-instate” them.

Bid for 2020 US Presidential Election

The Software tycoon who turned cryptocurrency enthusiast was recently in light with parliamentary affairs – in early June 2018, he announced that he will bid for 2020 US presidential election. However, he lost to Gary Johnson in 2016 presidential election while standing under the Libertarian party candidacy. And this time he will form his own party despite the refusal of Libertarian nomination. “The decision of forming a new party and entering into the election 2022 is a way to serve the crypto community with the crypto-specific campaign.”

There seems a lot of exposure to his every tweet by the crypto enthusiast! In may end, McAfee opens a conversation to form his launch “physical cryptocurrency”.

While Bitcoin price on rise in last year, he made an interesting bet. John McAfee claimed via Twitter that if the price of Bitcoin didn’t reach $500,000 within three years, he would eat [his]dick on a national television.

The announcement was made at the time when a single bitcoin was trading at around $3000. During this time, cryptos were performing as per his expectation, in fact until December 2017 but since then, cryptocurrencies have hit a bit of rough patch. At the time of writing Bitcoin is performing worst, as low as $6,739.50.

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